Here's what you need to know about our end of semester buyback:

Buyback during Finals week will offer the best prices for your used books. The determining factor for buyback prices is if the Bookstore has received notification from an instructor that they will be using the book for the upcoming semester.
The Bookstore pays up to 50% of the used retail for current edition textbooks that are being used for next term.
There are limits on quantities for all books that the Bookstore is buying back.
These limits are determined by projected enrollment for the classes and also by inventory the store may already have on the shelves.
To be sure to get the most $$'s for your books, get to the buyback event as soon as you can during finals week.
Books that are being sold back to the Bookstore must be in good condition. Bindings, covers and pages must be intact. Books with water damage, excessive markings and highlighting may not be accepted. Bottom line - take care of your books - you have made the investment and the condition of them will determine what they are worth at the end of the semester.
Books that were sold with cd's, dvd's or other item (as part of a package) usually only have value if you have these items when selling the book. Even if you are not using these items during the semester, put them in a safe place and bring them to buyback with the book.
The life of a book is on average 2 to 3 years. As soon as it is announced that a new edition will be released the value of the book decreases. We suggest that you bring your unwanted no longer need books to buyback and find out what the buyback value might be.

Reasons why we might not be able to buy your books:

Books that have tear-out pages or fill-ins (such as lab manuals or workbooks).
Books that have been designated by the publisher as being available in an updated or newer edition.
Custom published books for the Bookstore that is not being used for upcoming semesters.
Course packets that are created by instructors and usually updated for each semester.
Books for which we have not received notification from the instructors that they will be using for the next semester.
Books in poor condition - final determination made by Bookstore staff.

What happens to books not needed by the Bookstore?

As an additional service to our students, we bring in a national used book reseller during our finals week buyback.
This distributor buys and sells books to bookstores throughout the country.
This option provides another opportunity for you to sell your unwanted books and recoup additional funds that you have invested in your books. Because the supply and demand for these books is highly speculative the prices that will be offered for books not used on our campus will be much lower that the 50% of retail due to the additional expenses involved in shipping them off campus.

Book Donation Program

The final program that the Bookstore offers is a partnership with recycling vendors that work with us to find homes for books that have little or no value on college campuses.
We always have an area for donation books at our buybacks.
These books are collected, sorted and distributed to various literacy programs and any that are not suitable for those programs are recycled for the paper and publishing industries.