Refund Policy

1. All sales are final.
2. Your cash register receipt is required as proof of purchase for any refund or exchange transactions.
3. Refunds are given only for the following reasons:
 The class does not officially make.
 You drop a class or withdraw completely after the first day of class.
4. All refunds require an official drop slip, cash register receipt, and books returned in original condition. 
Books not in original condition are subject to the buyback policy and will not receive a full refund. Book 
refunds follow the “Posted Dates” policy for dropping classes. Refunds must be made within 3 business days of 
dropping the course.
5. If the wrong book was purchased, your receipt is required at the time of exchange for the correct book.
6. Refunds are not given because you change your mind, find the book elsewhere, decide you do not need the 
book, or the Instructor says you do not need the book. Please do not purchase the book if you are not sure you 
want to keep it.
7. Please do not remove the cellophane wrap (if book is wrapped), mark, write your name, or fill in the blanks 
in your book until after your class meets and is ruled officially to be continued.

Buyback Policy

Textbooks are bought back according to our stock needs at the end of each semester on the days of finals. Our 
best prices are paid at that time. If not needed for our stock, or bought back during the semester, only the 
reduced wholesale prices will be paid. Books cannot be bought back if:
1. A new edition is out and being adopted.
2. A book is a write-in workbook, study guide, or has perforated or loose-leaf pages.
3. If the book is in poor condition (torn, dirty, water-stained, excessively highlighted, damaged spine, etc.)
4. The book is not used on this campus and is not listed in the wholesale guide, or is listed as no value.
5. It is always best to have your original receipt even at buyback time if question of ownership is required. 
6. Cisco Bookstore pays up to 50% of used book prices that are being used for the next term.

Our desire is to give you a fair price for textbooks that will be used in future courses.

Please report any stolen books to the bookstore and we will do our best to help
you find them. We suggest you mark your books in some way for proof
of ownership. Thank you.