Course Material Information for Faculty

When should I submit my textbook order?

We know that you spend a great deal of time selecting the right course materials for the classes that you teach.  Our due dates ensure that your students get the right materials in the appropriate quantities and with the best possible prices offered by institutional college bookstores.  Our mission is: Right book, Right price, Right here, and Right now!  With your help we are able to do this.

Fall orders due on April 27th
Summer orders due on March 13th
Spring orders due on November 1st
Why do I need to submit my textbook order so early? 

On-time textbook orders have several advantages for you, your students and the bookstore:

1.  Eliminates problems ahead of time by verifying the availability of the book(s) and determining if a new edition has been released.
2.  If a book is out of print or out of stock, we have a longer period of time to secure used copies of the book or you have a bit more time to select a replacement.
3.  On-time adoptions allow us to plan better for out of print books and may allow us to arrange for custom printing of the book.
4.  Identifies publishers that may have unique ordering situations and may require additional time for shipping.
5.  Books that are reordered by you for the upcoming semester and have been ordered before our upcoming buyback dates have considerable benefits for our students.
6.  Books on our buyback list increases the amount of money students receive at the buyback counter and also allows the bookstore to have more used books on the shelves for the upcoming semester.
7.  Because of limited storage space in the bookstore, we must return any unsold books to the publisher.  If we know that a book is going to be reused for the next semester we can reduce the costs associated with returns and restocking fees.  This means that we can return more $$ to the campus at the end of the year.
8.  Custom published books, packaged and/or bundled books can take up to eight weeks longer than a traditional book to arrive.  We want to make sure we have allowed sufficient time to get these books here at the same time as the rest of the books ordered for the semester.

What if I have to submit an order after the deadline?

We will always do our best to accommodate late orders for textbooks and custom published items.  We know that sometimes this cannot be avoided.  We will do everything we can to have the books in the store and ready for your students before classes begin. 

How do I submit a textbook order?

You will receive a request from the bookstore to submit text orders for all classes that you are scheduled to teach. You should receive our standard text adoption forms in campus mail.  You have the option of returning these completed forms, we also accept orders by e-mail,  and fax 254.442.5100. We are moving to a totally on-line adoption process within the next year but we will always try to support the method you prefer.

What information do I need to include when I order books for my courses? 

When submitting your text order we need the following information to ensure that the correct books are ordered for your class(s).
1.  Department
2.  Course & Section Number
3.  Semester
4.  Title & Author
5.  Edition Number
6.  Publisher
7.  Isbn Number (either 10 or 13 digit)
8.  Required or Optional
If you are ordering a packaged or bundled item please provide the ISBN numbers for all components.
I am concerned about the prices of the books I am ordering what can I do?
The Bookstore is here to help you work through price issues.  Every course, every book and every decision makes a difference to our students.  If you have questions about your book order and want to keep the cost of books as low as possible, contact a staff person in the Bookstore for assistance.  Here are some ways faculty can help:
· Find a book that you can use for multiple semesters. This helps the Bookstore plan for future semesters and allows us to buyback these books at a better price.
· Consider the use of packaged/bundled materials carefully.  Bundles should only contain required materials, bundles with superfluous materials only drive up the cost of course materials and the student perception of them is....they paid for materials that they really did not need.
· When possible avoid the use of custom editions without a commitment to use it for the life of the edition.  Also try to avoid single use materials, books with tear-out or fill-in pages have little value as a buyback item.
· Finally, turn your text orders into the Bookstore promptly, with that information we can give money back to our students during buyback week and also try to secure additional used copies of books that are not readily available on our campus.
What if I want my students to have a custom course packet?
The Bookstore provides a custom publishing service for instructors to have selected non-copyrighted material complied into a packet to supplement the textbook or to use as the textbook for a course.  Instructors need to submit a master copy of the packet to the Bookstore 6 weeks before the start of the class.  The Bookstore will have it copied and put it on the shelves for your students to purchase.
What if I required non-text items such as supplies?

Simply include the information with your order.  The easiest method may be to attach a copy of your syllabus so we have the same information your students will receive.  We can usually provide just about any item required for courses and it is convenient for your students to pick up these items as they are shopping for their books.

My students have questions about book prices, what can I tell them?
Textbook pricing is always an issue for all parties involved in higher education. The most important information you can share with your students is why you have chosen the book(s) for the class.  When students have that info they can see the value of the book(s). Here is some information that you can share with them about our campus bookstore.
1.  There are many ways students can obtain books for your class however.....the Bookstore is the only place that will have exactly what you have chosen.
2.  The Bookstore will not always be the least expensive option but
does provide:
a)  as many used books as possible,
b)  special order service if a book is out of stock,
c)  on-campus convenience
d)  reference materials & study guides that compliment traditional textbooks
e)  immediate refund or exchange of books due to schedule changes    
f)  the ability to work with the faculty & students if a book becomes an issue for the class,
g)  a way to work with students that have financial aid, scholarships or special funding for their books,
h)  a book buyback program that gives back cash to students at the end of the semester
Why should I use the Bookstore?
Because the Bookstore is owned and operated by the college, our profits are reinvested in facilities and programs that benefit students, faculty, the campus and the local community.  We also work with students requiring special assistance with vocational rehabilitation, scholarships and other third-party payment options.  The Bookstore continually monitors the college store industry, implements new programs and services related to the campus needs and participates in vendor partnerships and buying cooperatives to ensure fair pricing for our customers.